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InvestigationEnforcement and Resolution

GBP delivers accurate assessment and investigation services to mitigate risk:
• General risk assessments
• Regional and international assessments
• Market watch programs
• Internet watch programs
• Retail trap programs
• Customs monitoring programs
• Covert surveillance
• Market Watch

Our market watch program reduces counterfeit items for sale in markets. It ensures the infringer understands the ramifications of their actions in a criminal and civil sense. Infringers are issued with a ‘cease and desist notice’ and through mutual agreement their counterfeit stock is seized. The cease and desist notices are legally recognised and enforceable. All seized counterfeit product is returned to the client for examination.

Internet Watch
For comprehensive protection one must monitor the whole Internet. Not just websites, but chatrooms and auction sites, message boards and spam email traffic. One small online auction may seem trivial to the owner of a global brand, but something more serious is involved if the same auction is repeated a hundred times, under different names and in different countries.

Tracking counterfeits items on-line brings to a close the illegal internet operations of that person either through a trap purchase investigation leading to an amount of compensation, or police intervention.

Retail Trap
Our retail trap purchase program operates on two levels. Firstly GBP runs a pro-active retail program where our investigators are actively in the market place looking for infringing item’s being sold. Secondly we rapidly respond to information supplied by clients on retailers selling counterfeit items. GBP then evaluates the level of infringement and implement the best course of action, be that a seize and desist warning, a trap purchase investigation leading to an amount of compensation, or police intervention. If a criminal prosecution occurs GBP can act as the client’s expert throughout the investigation and provide a statement to police and present evidence to the court.

Customs Monitoring
Working with Customs provides another protective shield for clients. GBP works with clients to register trademarks with Customs and then acts on their behalf when Customs detect infringing product. A small amount of training is required by Customs to understand the client’s trademarks and when this is completed Customs becomes a further protective system for the trademark.

Covert Surveillance
Invariably each program is supported by some form of covert or electronic surveillance. GBP manages best practice surveillance to ensure appropriate evidence is gathered and recorded including Covert Photography, Undercover operations, Audio/CCTV systems, Tailing/Shadow/Fixed vehicle operations and various Digital Methods.

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