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InvestigationEnforcement and Resolution

Whilst these services are offered independently, clients most often engage GBP for general support for trademark protection. GBP will asses clients existing infringements and potential exposures before recommending a strategic resolution and protection plan.

GBP are acutely aware of the need to satisfy not only the resolution of criminal matters, but also for clients to recover monies from civil actions. Each infringer is therefore profiled in terms of their recoverable assets and the extent of their infringement over time, which is in-turn provided to clients and their lawyers for properly targeted civil actions.

In a cost v benefit process the cost of lawyers sometimes outweighs the civil compensation, with clients missing out on smaller compensation amounts. GBP’s skills are often employed in such circumstances to settle small civil claims directly (with a strong success rate).

A fixed ‘monthly retained fee’ allow clients to accurately budget for our services. Civil recoveries from infringers are often achieved which reduce this commitment even further. By combining with other like-minded IP owners, clients are ultimately able to spend less to achieve significantly more apprehensions.

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