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Global Brand Protection and our clients greatly appreciate you taking the time to supply this information and assisting us to maintain a fair playing field for brand owners and retailers thus enabling them to provide consumers with genuine products. If you want discuss this matter further, please call the Global Brand Protection national office on 03 9822 2889 (24 Hrs).

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*What brands are involved in the Counterfeit Products?

*Where did you see or become aware of the Counterfeit Product(s)?

*Is this a retail outlet, party plan or market stall? (Including aisle/stall number if market)

*Do you know the address where this Counterfeit Product(s) is located?

*What day and time was the Counterfeit Product(s) sighted?

*Can you describe the Counterfeit Product(s)?

How many of the Counterfeit Product(s) were being sold?

What was the price of items being sold?

Do you have a name or description of the person selling the Counterfeit Product(s)?

Do you have a relevant car registration number?

Do you know how long these people have been selling Counterfeit Product(s)?

Is there any advertising material in relation to this Counterfeit Product(s)?

Do you wish to be notified of the outcome of your information?
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Thank you for completing this report and for the valuable information you have provided. Once you click SUMBIT your report will be emailed directly to our field report managers for assessment and action as required. Remember that you can call our office at any time on 03 9822 2889 to speak directly with one of our managers.

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